GLANCE eyebrow henna

The ideal treatment for beautiful thick eyebrows

GLANCE eyebrow henna is imported from Brazil where it was found by Beauty International

In May 2016 we shipped our first order to the Netherlands and products sold out even before they reached Amsterdam. Popularity has increased enormously ever since and hundreds of salons in the Netherlands, Belgium, Slovenia, France, Spain, Italy and the US have embraced this beautiful product. Beauty International is the exclusive importer for Europe.

GLANCE accelerates all other brow henna products by 3 things

A 7 minutes-only treatment time 

instead of 20-25 minutes at all other brands. This obviously brings noticeable advantage to salon’s treatment time and will therefore influence treatment price positively for customers. Additionally, our frequent fair European skin type is less challenged this way since it is a fact that (eyebrow) henna is primarily produced in countries that usually work with a darker skin type. Darker skin is usually slightly thicker and slightly less sensitive and using this product professionally we have to take this into account.

Free from ammonia and metals 

which benefits all skin types

The wonderful fragrance in all GLANCE products  

This might be of minor importance to all beauticians however it’s a nice plus to your customer. While relaxes in your chair she will compliment you for that delicious smell which adds positive to your customers experience.

GLANCE offers 5 shades that can all be mixed together. In each package of henna, you will find a bottle of fixator included in the price. All packaging contains clear instructions in Dutch and English. If you need the full INCI list, please shoot us an email and it will be send to you in PDF. The list has been designed to share with doctors in case of cancer treatments, making sure before that none of the henna ingredients collide with chemo. We can’t stress enough that this permission is obligated.